Ohio University

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

MATH D004 Intermediate Algebra with PreAlgebra

MATH D005 Intermediate Algebra

MATH D300 PLTL for PreCalculus

MATH D301 PLTL for Calculus I

MATH 1090 Consumer Math

MATH 1101 Elementary Topics in Math I

MATH 1102 Elementary Topics in Math II

MATH 1200 College Algebra

MATH 1250 Introduction to Game Theory

MATH 1260 Finite Math

MATH 1300 Pre-Calculus

MATH 1321 Elementary Applied Mathematics I

MATH 1322 Elementary Applied Mathematics II

MATH 1350 Survey of Calculus

MATH 2110 Introductory Geometry for Middle School Teachers

MATH 2301 Calculus I

MATH 2302 Calculus II

MATH 2500 Introduction to Statistics

MATH 3000 History of Mathematics

MATH 3050 Discrete Math

MATH 3070 Elementary Number Theory

MATH 3110 College Geometry

MATH 3200 Applied Linear Algebra

MATH 3210 Linear Algebra

MATH 3240 Abstract Algebra

MATH 3300 Calculus III

MATH 3320 Vector Analysis

MATH 3400 Elementary Differential Equations

MATH 3500 Probability

MATH 3600 Applied Numerical Methods

MATH 3680 Quantitative Foundations for Bioinformatics

MATH 4100 Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools

MATH 4100L Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools Early Field Experience

MATH 4150 Advanced Perspective for Teachers

MATH 4221 Modern Algebra I

MATH 4222 Modern Algebra II

MATH 4230 Introduction to Algebraic Coding Theory

MATH 4301 Advanced Calculus I

MATH 4302 Advanced Calculus II

MATH 4310 Complex Variables

MATH 4330 Hilbert Spaces and Applications

MATH 4400 Advanced Differential Equations

MATH 4410 Fourier Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

MATH 4470 Applied Dynamical Systems

MATH 4500 Theory of Statistics

MATH 4510 Applied Statistics

MATH 4520 Stochastic Processes

MATH 4530 Statistical Computing

MATH 4550 Basic Principles of Actuarial Science

MATH 4560 Theory of Interest and Life Contingencies

MATH 4600 Introduction to Numerical Analysis

MATH 4610 Introduction to Waves and Wavelets with Applications

MATH 4620 Linear and Nonlinear Optimization

MATH 4630 Discrete Modeling and Optimization

MATH 4700 Introduction to Topology

MATH 4900 Special Topics in Mathematics

MATH 4930 Studies in Mathematics

MATH 4940 Mathematics Research

MATH 4993 Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar I

MATH 4994 Undergraduate Mathematics Seminar II

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