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Department of Mathematics Mission Statement

The mission of the Ohio University Department of Mathematics is to pursue teaching, research and service in the area of mathematics.

Our department teaches both undergraduate and graduate students with a wide range of abilities and needs. At all levels, we instruct students in the rigor and precision characteristic of mathematical reasoning. Through our introductory courses, we provide the setting for any student to become acquainted with the elementary tools of mathematics and the techniques to use them. We provide students from disciplines that require a strong background in mathematics the opportunity to acquire the mathematical knowledge and the reasoning skills necessary to make effective use of mathematics. Through a program that emphasizes the beauty and applicability of mathematics, we also provide the setting and support for students majoring in mathematics to develop a required understanding and appreciation of mathematics as a creative discipline.

At the graduate level the department teaches students seeking knowledge of advanced mathematics for either application to other areas or for its own sake. Students at the master's level acquire a solid understanding of mathematics and the ability to apply it effectively. Doctoral students acquire the experience necessary to do original research in mathematics, as well as the versatility to connect mathematics with other fields.

In research, we extend the frontier of mathematical knowledge by producing quality research with original results and by collaborating with other disciplines. Our research mission complements our teaching mission; a strong research program is essential for the development of future mathematicians.

The Department of Mathematics is committed to serving the academic community and the public at large. At the national and international level, we serve the mathematical community by participating in its activities and by educating and supporting new mathematical scholars. We also serve the broader community through outreach initiatives, and by fostering public understanding of the power of mathematics and its role as a fundamental mode of human thought.