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Information on the Mathematics major, minor, master's, and doctoral programs.

Undergraduate (Bachelors, minor)
Graduate (Masters, Doctorate)

For descriptions of specific courses, schedules, and resources, see the Classes page.

For information on programs prior to summer 2012, see the quarters archive.

Undergraduate Program

Sample Previous Catalog
Actuarial Sciences Major (B.S.) BS3105 schedule 2013-14
Applied Mathematics Major (B.S.) BS3103 schedule 2013-14
Mathematical Statistics Major (B.S.) BS3106 schedule 2013-14
Mathematics Major (B.A.) BA3101 schedule
Mathematics Major (B.S.) BS3101 schedule
Mathematics - Meteorology Major (B.S.) BS3110 schedule
Mathematics Minor   2013-14

Note that the catalog year you start determines the requirements you must satisfy.

For more information, contact the undergraduate chair.

Graduate Program

For more information, contact the graduate chair.


For additional resources, see the Resources page.